Your Family Video Tape transfered to Digital Media to share however you like.

1 film transfered to DVD £18.

2 films (<4 hours) transfered to 1 DVD £26.

Video to DVD.jpg

  • HS, VHS-C , Video8 and MiniDV
  • First each film is converted to digital fomat, £8 per film.
  • Converted films copied to DVD, £10 per DVD produced.
    • Maximum of 4 hours of film per DVD e.g. a 3 hour video cassette recored in long play will be split across two DVDs.
  • Converted films copied to cloud storage, £10 setup/transfer fee for upto 10 films.
    • Cloud storage is available for 14 days, to allow customers to copy/download to their own storage solution.
  • Converted files copied to USB Memory, cost dependent on size and number of finished films.